What CG Desing Club?
 It is a circle in the university which is called Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration which is in Aichi Prefecture Nisshin City. It becomes this year in 3 after a circle is started.

The motto in NUCBA is....
 Frontier Spirit ( The pioneering soul )Don't go in the way of being open.Walk an untrodden place.Then, open in the bounds.( From the word of the first president )It is seeing in the style that our circle, too, doesn't stick to the concept and it good hey thinks of human can be appealed to.

It understood the existence of CG Design Club but it is doing where?
It does in the university in the activity master of us.When the deadline of the presenting of a work is near, there is a person who works at home, manufacturing, too.The activity day of the week is IS building in Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration every week on Monday and Friday The LD of being in F2.It does in 3 classrooms.In the activity time, it makes PM5:00-PM6:00 but there are many, too, persons who work independently in WorkShop after the activity ends.It is here and there about losing until the last PM9:30 time in, too.The other meeting and so on are a clubhouse in Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration.The southern house 3328It does at the laboratory of the Sano professor.

It is doing every week on what?
Having do that the belonging person individual wants to give himAnything was good but because the range was wide, previous year, it separated into three categories mainly.We introduce it.

3D Graphics
 It makes an object every week in front of full-scale machine? which a movie and a television and so on are used for and it puts a animation.Mainly, it is used and is Light Wave.It is so-called 3D.There was software in the others, too, but a lot of persons used this software for a lecture on the university to be used.Only, the place is hard.However, the club prepares the PC which can be used club for the number of people.It takes time most of the three categories but to be moved, too, is big.First, it thinks that it learns operation together and that it wants to make the part which is called an object.
Because it overlaps with the lecture at first, it is securely in the lecture measure, too.Because it is possible to do finish showily, let's make the work as it astonishes.

2D Graphics
 Good Design is not only in 3D and is giving 2 D of our circles.Mainly, it manufactured one having to do with a poster.See by all means because it attempted to make frightfully widely from the simple one to have used a layer to being.Croton... where there is a person who is moved with the one which might be subdued slightly compared with 3D, but could be beautifully arranged and was processed by using an effect successfully becoming the work which is original in it, tooIt is indeed designer astonishment when making its work a portable wait screen in.Mainly, the software to be using is Photo Shop.It becomes a slightly local trick but it is a spectacular showing in the place to have left the screen of the PC when making the huge poster of the freshman welcome party which is an event in the university.This, too, first learns basic operation together.After that, it plans to make a work with all.The importance of the photo retouching becomes high recently and when doing photograph processing, too, the 2 D technology becomes necessary.There is a person, too, when using an illustrator when making a poster.The environment is batch OK after what

Other or hybrid
The person who never wants to do by each category becomes a group, Other.Basically, it recommended and it made the person who wore the basic technology of 2 D and 3D.The contents are the people who lean to the hobby of the individual such as the HTML and the CGI in the first time but give FLASH and any DIRECTOR.It is making a group with club according to the level of the individual for the person who has pre- knowledge and the person who is not to be able to work pleasantly.Because most are a beginner even if it is necessary, it is doing noisily at all.In Other, the role as the leader as it teaches the person of the other group, and so on, too, looks forward to it.

if the interest breeds slightly in CG Design Club
Peep, being casual and see our circle because it is basically made to make CG but besides, have a purpose of distributing knowledge by the pal and sharing a place.Offer the person the intention of "! to want to visit " because it is a croton with circle length or necessary deputy circle length.Also, because it thinks that it doesn't understand a circle length, attempt to ask to the person who is in the arena.Anyone lets me know extremely kindly.Come and visit by all means because the person in the university is related to here, but there is a festival, three peak festivals, in October and it makes public generally the day.Also, it exerts as it is possible to look at Internet because a top page is included if becoming the time.

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